Lesson Plan Feedback

TSB Week 10 Grade 1 - Feedback

How involved did the students seem while performing activities outlined in the week's lesson plan?
Are students able to identify the five vowels and pronounce them correctly when asked to?
Are students able to distinguish one short vowel sound from the other?
Are students able to recognize the letters of the alphabet and the phonic sounds they make?
Are students able to correctly match a phonic sound to its written form?
Are students able to apply subtraction with numbers 1 to 10 and give the correct answer?
Are students able to construct subtraction facts up to 10 by using everyday objects?
Are students able to explain how they use water in and around their homes?
Are students able to say out loud some similarities and differences in how people save water around the world?
Have students started focusing on drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily?
Do students say that they have started inculcating the habit of saving water by taking short showers at home?
Any specific observations or feedback from you to make the week's lesson plan better?